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about Kidron volunteer fire department

About Kidron Volunteer Fire Department

Roots for the Kidron Volunteer Fire Department can be traced back to the 1920’s when local businessmen were concerned about the community’s inability to battle potential fires. In response, stockholders set out to establish an early “department” by contributing $10.00 to $25.00 each. By July of 1925, the group purchased an 1880's used Howe 6 man hand pumper from the East Canton Fire Dept. for $150.00.

The men trained using the hand pumper (which pushed a small stream of water about 50'), pulling it around town by hand. Unfortunately, the first barn fire to which it responded resulted in the barn burning to the ground! Ultimately, the first attempt to establish a fire department went by the wayside.

It wasn’t until 1948 – when another nearby barn burned down – that efforts were rekindled to establish a fire department. This time, The Kidron Community Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD) was successfully formed on March 26, 1951.

A Charter Member added two truck bays to his facility to house the department. In 1969, KVFD purchased the building (and later additional adjoining properties). Multiple additions have been made to the original structure over the years, which is still in use today.

The first pumper was built on a Ford chassis in 1952 by KVFD firemen working at the Kidron Body Company. The following year, the same efforts were used to build a tanker. And in 1958, a used ambulance was purchased to enable firemen to provide First Aid and hospital transport capabilities.

Equipment maintenance and replacement was originally funded through a community equipment auction held three times per year. An annual Chicken BBQ was added in 1957 which continues today, serving 5,400 halves per event!

Today, KVFD is funded through Fire and EMS contracts, EMS billing, continued fund raisers, rental contracts, grants and generous donations (KVFD is a 501(C)(3) corporation). However, the Fire and EMS contracts cover less than 50% of our annual operating budget.

KVFD is part of Sugar Creek Township, the first township in Ohio to earn an Insurances Services Office of Ohio (ISO) rating of 7 without having a central water system. The payoff for this rating is a reduction of insurance rates for property owners in the Township.

KVFD is a private corporation that contracts with three townships and one Fire District. With 29 current members, the department responds to approximately 240 calls a year. Two (2) Engines, two (2) Tankers, two (2) Ambulances, a Light Trailer and a Trench Rescue Trailer are housed out of one location on the square in Kidron.